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Someone finally managed to sneak a cellphone into a performance of Equus and capture some naked Daniel Radcliffe penis action! And here it is — Harry Potter’s magic wand, up close and personal. Speaking of his magic wand, it doesn’t look like his could do much damage in the ol’ spell-casting department, if you know what I mean. Unless you count “shrivelus retractus” or “beanius weenius” or “is-that all-ius?” among your wizardry repertoire. You could probably build something more impressive with the stem of a mushroom or a couple of Lincoln Logs.

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Daniel Radcliffe
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The naked pictures of , taken during his current stint in Broadway play "Equus", have been leaked and Broadway officials are outraged of the leak. The pics, which have been all over the net, show the young actor standing totally naked in front of co-star Anna Camp, who also bares all for the play.

The play's writer Sir Peter Shaffer is furious over the posting of the pics on the Internet. The 82-year-old man said, "It's very, very bad behavior. Whoever did it is a creep." Stage technician Rachel Juozapaitis, additionally, branded the person who leaked the pics to have turned "art into pornography." He said, "It's just wrong, he still has to do some more Harry Potter films for the kids."

Radcliffe, best known for playing the role of Harry Potter in "Harry Potter" series, appeared totally nude for his role as Alan Strang in London's West End play "Equus" last year. Despite widespread criticism, the play itself was a success that he's been billed to reprise his role on Broadway. And while his five-month run in London's West End did not result in any pictures being leaked on the Internet, his latest naked pics popped up on web after just two previews of his Broadway debut. The photos are believed to be taken with a camera phone as they're "grainy and out of focus." Publicist Sam Rudy told The New York Daily News that "somebody broke a law" by uploading the snaps.

The leak of Radcliffe's naked pics, which was first reported by Queerty.com, came as a complete shock for the play's staff as there have been assurances from them that security would be tight. Radcliffe and his people have yet responded on the leak.

"Equus" began with previews last week at the Broadhurst Theater in New York City and will run through Feb. 8 next year.

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